CareMeds™ is continually looking for partners as we grow and expand throughout the country. Whether you are an insurance company, PBM, Drug Manufacturer, telehealth provider, or a competing pharmacy, we are always looking for ways to expand our reach and make a difference in as many lives as possible. With all of the unique services we provide, we are determined to replicate our model by partnering with various entities that have our same goals in mind. As an example, we have a wholesale-based GPO agreement in place that allows competing pharmacies to get preferential cost of goods and extended dating by partnering with us. We have relationships in place for the acquisition of pharmacy automation technology at very attractive price points with special financing through our in-house GPO deal. We have the ability to drastically reduce health costs through our pharmacy adherence and monitoring services and can provide specific data to confirm that our services are being provided as agreed and are affective in reducing ever-increasing health costs. Drug manufactures can receive client specific data as to medication adherence with test results confirming the benefits of our services. Please call me if you feel there may be a mutual benefit in partnering with us.

Darin A. Peterson
President & CEO
CareMeds Pharmacy, Inc.

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