Whether you are Physician, Physician Assistant, Nurse, Case Manager, Social Worker, Family Member, or a good friend, CareMeds™ is here to provide the best adherence-based pharmacy and telehealth alerting and monitoring services available to those in your care.

When we customize a CareProgram™ for someone in your care, we become the exclusive pharmacy of the individual to ensure that contraindications are not missed due to meds coming from multiple pharmacies. Our telehealth technology allows anyone authorized by our client to have access to their medication profile and data related to the CareProgram™ the client is on. As an example, we can provide data related to medication adherence, test results, or an emergency alert. Our goal with regard to Care Givers is to keep everyone in the circle of care on the same page. Once a new client starts with us, everything from refills and deliveries to prior authorizations and medical alerts are carefully scheduled, tracked, and communicated to those in the circle of care. We want to make your interactions with us as effective and efficient as possible.

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